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About Me

Gerald Hazizi

I love to photograph peoples while are posing in the most natural way possible and the result is a mixture of elegant looking photos with spontaneous shots, with me guiding and motivating them in front my lens all along the photo shooting session.

Photographing people involves diversity and i always look to adapt the way i approach each session to those in front of my camera. Sometimes is the way they smile at each other, sometimes is how they kiss or hug and sometimes is how they manage to jump together in a perfectly synchronized move. My goal is to capture at least a bit of what defines them as a family, couple or as an individual.

01. Shooting

Knowledge of the whole panorama and our experience will capture the most perfect moment into an eternal memory.

02. Recording

Professional videos will best prove the Santorini panorama miracle as a living testimony that will always resist in time.

03. Editing

Professional editing of each photo or video differentiates us and increase the value of our photoshooting service.

Capturing moments that captivate your heart

We enable you to create a picture-perfect look

We offer a complete photoshoot service, including everything from make-up to selection of dresses in various styles and colours that are perfect for capturing the whole concept of a photoshoot in Santorini.

A wide range of locations

Depending on the package, we can plan out your photoshoot in a way to feature only the most picturesque and truly wonderful places of Santorini.

Filming videos for social media posts

Professional filming and editing of videos that you can use as very useful tool on Instagram Reels for promoting your social media account.

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