Photoshoot Conditions

Photoshoot Conditions


Please familiarize yourself with a few rules, which will make our communication easier and help the photoshoot process run more smoothly both for you and me.


Picking me as your photographer means that you agree with my style of photography and my method of retouching the photos afterwards.


By agreeing to the photoshoot, you approve by default that any of the taken photos can be used by me, in case I choose to feature them in my portfolio as well as posts on my social media pages. If you are against me posting them anywhere on social media, please inform me beforehand (additional cost included).


Once you book a photoshoot, you are required to send a prepayment, which is non-refundable. After the prepayment is done, it is impossible to cancel the photoshoot, however, we can postpone it to a different date in case of emergency. It is refundable only if I cancel the photoshoot myself. The rest of the total payment is made at the end of the photoshoot.


The readiness of the retouched photos depends on how busy the schedule is at the time. It is up to you whether you pick the photos you want me to retouch or I do.


Duration of the photoshoot includes the time spent on changing outfits as well as walking from one location to another.


It is necessary to discuss the picked outfits (rent of the dresses), hairstyle, make-up and the whole look in advance, in order for everything to look harmoniously in every shot.


The dress rental price includes the dry cleaning. We also provide the accessories: earrings, necklaces/pendants, carnival masks.


The most important rule – please do not be late! I will not wait for more than 30 minutes (after 10 minutes of waiting, any further waiting time will be cut out from the total time of the photoshoot – otherwise, any time extension will be additionally charged).